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Amateur Radio - Space Station

I have also spoken with astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the Space Shuttles, International Space Station and Russian space station MIR on several occasions from my home station here in Doaktown.

One of my most memorable radio contacts was with fellow Canadian Chris Hadfield when he was aboard the Shuttle Atlantis in November of 1995 during Mission STS-74.  As Atlantis passed over New Brunswick I was able to chat briefly with Chris and, by luck, a local TV film crew was there to record the whole thing.  Since that mission Chris has again distinguished himself by becoming the first Canadian to walk in space.

In May and June of 2001 I also managed to speak with Space Station astronauts Susan Helms and Jim Voss while they were in orbit. My second contact with Susan was with my small, 1/2 watt, handheld radio from my backyard as the Station passed east of Newfoundland and over the Atlantic.

Susan Helms (KC7NHZ) and Jim Voss. Both returned to Earth on August 22nd, 2001.
(photos courtesy NASA)

Following the radio contacts, I received a special QSL card commemorating the event...

On October 24, 2004, I managed to talk via radio to Mike Fincke, KE5AIT, just hours before he and crewmate Gennady Padalka departed the Station for their return to Earth. I made the radio contact from my vehicle while driving through Doaktown. Mike was a great friend to amateur radio when he was in space, and made hundreds of contacts with people on the ground during his 187-day mission. To the right is a picture of Mike working the amateur radio equipment from space. (photo courtesy, NASA).
If you want to know where the International Space Station is right now, just visit this link to Heavens Above. You can also input your city or town name and see a table of upcoming orbital passes so you can try to spot the station as it passes over. If you are in New Brunswick, just click here to get a ready-made set of precictions for the next several days.

If you are a student or a teacher at a school in the central New Brunswick area, I can help you organize a special scheduled radio contact between your school and the Space Station. If this interests you, please email me for further details.

You can find out more about the Space Shuttle program by visiting the NASA web site and you can find out more about Amateur Radio aboard the International Space Station by visiting this NASA link or the ARISS page.

The American Radio Relay League cooperates with NASA in the Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment, or SAREX for short, and they have some wonderful resources and links on their site.


I specialize in long range VHF 50 MHz communications. In 1996 I placed 4th in the world in my class (6M single op) in the CQ WW VHF Contest.

Another contest I participated in was on Miscou Island in July 2003. Follow the link for all the details.
VE9ND Miscou Island - NA-068 (RSGB IOTA Contest - July 2003)

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