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Escuminac, NB - MW Daytime Band Scan

Escuminac is located exactly at the point where the southern reaches of Miramichi Bay contact the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Northumberland Strait. It is 55 miles due south of Miscou Island, and just under 40 miles due west of North Cape, Prince Edward Island.

Found near the coordinates 47'05" N, 64'52"W, Escuminac lies on low land made up mostly of peat bog, sand, marshland and light woods. The community includes a wharf and breakwater, as well as a lighthouse right out at the point.

It is the ancestral home of one branch of my extended family, and one of my uncles (by marriage) has renovated the old family homestead and now uses it as a vacation home. Every year at this time our family travels to Escuminac for a mini reunion. I took the opportunity, while there, to take out the radio and do some listening.

My traveling "shack" consisted of a Grundig YB-400PE with a Radio Shack 15-1853 loop. I also DXed briefly with my radio in the Plymouth Voyager, with stock whip.

I was so impressed with the listening there that I asked my uncle if he would mind if I returned in the fall and strong a few temporary Beverages. He said it would be no problem at all. His property extends 1.5 miles to the south, with lots of room for angular runs of Beverages in almost every direction.

Regular daytime stations heard are as follows. All times are EDT:

540 CBGA1 QC New Carlisle 08/03 - 0834 - Local-like w/ sports talk show in French including item about Gary Carter's induction into the baseball Hall of Fame (BT-NB)
590 CJCW NB Sussex 08/03 - 0837 - Fair w/ religious contemporary music (Sunday morning) (BT-NB)
600 WFST ME Caribou 08/03 - 0836 - Poor, presumed with "How great Thou Art". (BT-NB)
610 CHNC QC New Carlisle 08/03 - 0838 - Loud w/ FF music (BT-NB)
630 CFCY PE Charlottetown 08/03 - 0840 - Good w/ Sunday morning religious music, strong (BT-NB).
710 UNID ?? ?? 08/03 - 0840 - Poor w/ talk and Bible reading. Usually WREM, Monticello from Doaktown but with Newfoundland in so well here in Escuminac I'm not sure it wasn't something else. (BT-NB)
720 CHTN PE Charlottetown 08/03 - 0841 - Good, out of "Operator" by Jim Croce and segued into "Aint No Woman (Like the One I Got) w/out id. Strong & regular (BT-NB).
740 CHCM NL Marystown 08/03 - 0842 - Strong w/ church service broadcast. Later, at 1628, a full ID "Coming up, more music on VOCM" (BT-NB).
780 CFDR NS Halifax/Dartmouth 08/03 - 0844 - Loud with talk show on vitamins and nutrition (BT-NB).
790 CFNW NL Port Au Choix 08/03 - 0845 - Fair w/ ad for "Town and Country" store in the ? Mall, then more ads and back into religious music at 0848. First logging on 790 since CFAN's demise on AM. Heard again better on 08/04, w/ Bill Rowe talk show from the VOCM network @ 0800 and ad for a law firm and the Eagle River Credit Union. It was // 740/870 with different ads during breaks (BT-NB).
810 CJVA NB Caraquet 08/03 - 0852 - Loud w/ classical & Baroque religious music, local here just across Miramichi Bay (BT-NB).
870 CFSX NL Stephenville 08/03 - 0854 - Fair/good w/ "5-70 CFCB" choral ID @ 0859. Numerous other IDs, community announcements, birthday greetings, mentions of the Port-Aux-Basques ferry service schedule. Later, at 1631, full ID with "You're listening to a station of the CFCB radio service" and then into C&W. (BT-NB)
900 CKDH NS Amherst 08/03 - 0901 - Amherst weather, then "Light Rock 900, CKDH" ID and into music @ 0904. Loud here (BT-NB).
920 CJCH NS Halifax 08/03 - 0904 - Out of Carpenters' "Sing, Sing a Song" and ID @ 0905 (BT-NB).
930 CFBC NB Saint John 08/03 - 0905 - Beatles' "Yellow Submarine." Nice to be a bit farther from my only remaining pest in Doaktown. Still loud but at least I'm far enough away to have the adjacent frequencies back and audible (BT-NB).
950 CKNB NB Campbellton 08/03 - 0906 - Weaker than expected (mush stronger at Miscou last weekend), with music (BT-NB).
960 CHNS NS Halifax 08/03 - 0906 - Beach Boys & "Good Vibrations" and stronger than expected signals (BT-NB).
970 CBZ NB Fredericton 08/03 - 0907 - Sunday morning current affairs show on greenhouse gas. Fair/poor and weaker than I expected it to be (BT-NB).
990 CBY NL Corner Brook 08/03 - 0908 - Far stronger than Fredericton with same programming and // to all CBC Radio One affiliates I'm hearing (BT-NB)
1070 CBA NB Moncton 08/03 - 0909 - Very strong, // 970 and 990 (BT-NB).
1140 CBI NS Sydney 08/03 - 0910 - Fair with CBC1 Sunday morning programming, // 970/990/1070 (BT-NB).
1150 CHGM QC Gaspé 08/04 - 0807 - Good w/ FF YL & talk show, mentions of Causapscal, Chandler, and highway 185 (BT-NB).
1230 CFGN NL Port-Aux-Basques 08/03 - 0910 - Fair with Newfoundland Music show, and "Good Time Tonight" song. Full CFCB ID @ 1000. Best catch at only 250 watts and 271 miles. Heard again the following day with Bill Rowe VOCM talk show @ 0808 (BT-NB).
1250 CBGA QC Matane 08/03 - 0909 - Fair w/ FF news/talk program. Heard also 08/04 @ 0811 w/ FF YL & News (BT-NB).
1260 CKHJ NB Fredericton 08/04 - 0825 - Poor/fair w/ C&W music. Awful signals from the southwest (BT-NB).
1270 CJCB NS Sydney 08/03 - 1003 - Good w/ "Red Dirt Road" CW song and into NS election coverage promo (BT-NB).
1320 CKEC NS New Glasgow 08/03 - 0911 - Good with pre-election tee-up news coverage and discussion of Nova Scotia's health care system (BT-NB).
1360 CKBC NB Bathurst 08/04 - 0753 - Fair and poorer than expected with weather and community anouncements, including mention of St. Peter Avenue (Bathurst's main drag) (BT-NB).
1390 WEGP ME Presque Isle 08/04 - 0812 - Poor & presumed w/ talk show (BT-NB).
1450 CFAB NS Windsor 08/04 - 0813 - Fair w/ PSAs for Shriners' Hospitals and Latter Day Saints family ad. Then back into music with "And now, AVR's top nine, with song number eight" and into C&W song @ 0814 (BT-NB).

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