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Below is a sample of some of the many catches I made at the 2009 Priest Pond (PEI) DX-pedition. The location was superb; facing the Gulf of St. Lawrence along the north coast of PEI, near East Point.

For more images and a comprehensive discussion of conditions and DX catches during this 2009 event, check out Bruce Conti's BamLog site.

The audio files below were all recorded using an Icom R-75, modified by Kiwa Electronics in the US. The antennas used were a super loop, a EWE, and for a couple of catches a simple Radio Shack passive tunable tabletop loop.

I invite you to right-click on any of the links in the left hand column below, and choose "save link as" or "save target as" to store the files on your computer. The ID3 tags of these MP3 files have been fully stocked with all of the logging information relevant to the catch.

Station Frequency
Time (UTC unless otherwise noted) Comments
Nuuk, Greenland 570 8 October 2350 Actually on about 570.05 KHz, woman announcer in Arctic/Inuit type talk. This was parallel to more common Greenland frequency of 720.
VOCM Newfoundland and CKRM Regina, SK 620 9 October 0425 EDT Clear VOCM ID, followed a few second later by "CKRM" as the country song ends. Then talk in the background about the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team.
NRK 1 Norway 630 6 October 2204 Man reading news and weather, with mention of Spitzbergen, followed by "Simply the Best" by Tina Turner bumper music
JOAB - Tokyo, Japan 693 7 October 0909 Woman and man in English, with story about Japan's trade relations and a free trade agreement with its neighbours in the region. Parellel to 747 and 774 at the same time, received in Prince Edward Island, Canada at a distance of over 6000 miles / 10000 KM.
Unidentified 710 9 October 0821 Multiple Latin American signals in sync, under WOR New York. Not sure where this was from.
Greenland 720 9 October 0829 Beautiful loud interval signal on sign-on, then "six, five" for some reason, and finally woman announcer at the bottom of the hour.
JOIB - Sapporo Japan 747 7 October 0904 Woman reading feature item about Japan's foreign aid to the Mekong River region of Southeast Asia. Heard on an indoor loop antenna.
CHQR Calgary 770 6 October 0929 EDT Out of commercial break with "CHQR" ID and then phone numbers for the talk show, "403-974-TALK."
Unidentified 774 7 October 0241 Either Egypt or Morocco with Koranic chant, and Spain in the background
JOUB - Akita, Japan 747 7 October 0912 Woman with news item in English. About 2:00 mark of the clip you can clearly hear her ID as "NHK World Radio Japan" and then proceed to give the Web address, etc. Then, near the end, the broadcast goes into Spanish.
Unidentified 780 9 October 0552 EDT Steve Francis in Alcoa Tennessee caught the proper ID on this one, as IRN/USA network, which would probably make this one Rumford, Maine. Thanks Steve!
IRIB 1 Iran, plus France Info, Nancy 837 8 October 2117 IRIB 1 in Isfahan, Iran in (presumed) Farsi, with male French announcer underneath from Radio France Info, in Nancy.
BBC Wales 882 8 October 2336 Male host, with pop music and call in show for listeners.
CKDQ, Drumheller, Alberta 910 9 October 0446 EDT Out of country song and then an ad for the legal will kit, "available at Q-Country" and then the station's Drumheller street address, followed by "Q-country, Q-91" ID.
CJGX, Yorkton Saskatchewan 940 9 October 0451 EDT In the background under CINW Montreal, with "Payday winning numbers" at about 1:13 into the clip, and eventual "GX-94" ID and into another country song.
CFAC Calgary 960 6 October 2108 EDT CFAC with play-by-play call of the Montreal Canadiens and Calgary Flames on the Flames' flagship station. Heard with Icom R75 in Priest Pond, PEI. In the background Cuba is audible with time pips and "RR" in Morse Code.
CFAC Calgary 960 9 October 0452 EDT Calgary's "Fan-960" all-sports station, with promo for Flames hockey and cross promo for sister station "660 News" in Calgary. Following an ad for Calgary's best pub, it ropse to totally in the clear by 0455E. Unreal levels by the end of the clip.
Finland (Pori) 963 7 October 0234 According to Chuck Hutton, the ID is "Govorit Mezdhunarodnye Radio Kitaya" which is the standard China Radio International ID for their Russian service.That would therefore be the Finnish transmitter site at Pori, according to CRI's Web site. Walt Salmaniw of Victoria writes, "Yes, Chuck is 100% correct.  Great reception.  We've been hearing Pori well on the west coast on many nights as well..." Thanks Walt and Chuck!
Germany (Hamburg) 972 6 October 2227 NDR Info, Hamburg, with music and male announcer in German.
Tadjikistan 972 6 October 2300 Voice of America relay in English, with top-of-the-hour news jungle and, eventually in the ensuing minutes, climbs out of the jumble with news in English and clear mention of "VOA."
KBS - Korea 972 7 October 0923 Man and woman talking, very weak but unlikely to be anything other than the high-powered Korean station here. Bill Harms writes:" In my somewhat expert opinion (35 years of Korean language experience), your 972 sounds like Korean." Walt Salmaniw from Victoria agrees, calling it a "blaster" that is in practically every morning on the west coast.
Germany (Hamburg) 972 8 October 2358 Out of a live recording of Neil Diamond and "Sweet Caroline" into top-of-the-hour jingle and news in German.
Moldova 999 6 October 2009 2216 Man in Russian, with Arabic-type Koranic chant by second man fading up in the background, most likely RTM A in Tangier, Morocco
KOMO - Seattle WA 1000 7 October 0635 EDT Clear "3:35 at KOMO news radio" a short time into the clip. Using the Radio Shack indoor loop with WMVP Chicago nulled a little.
KOMO - Seattle WA 1000 9 October 0523 EDT KOMO killing WMVP with ad for Boston Medical Group, and then into multiple KOMO IDs and "2:24" time check, with traffic report for Seattle area.
Estonia (Tartu) 1035 8 October 2333 Tartu Family Radio, with male in Russian with what sounds like a Bible reading or some sort of devotional talk.
RTM Morocco and SER Spain 1044 8 October 2103 Traditional North African tribal music with male and female Spanish announcers fading up near the end of the clip.
CKMX Calgary 1060 7 October 0544 EDT Totally in the clear with full slogan ID at 0944 UTC, 0544 Eastern, "Classic Country AM 1060."
KNX Los Angeles CA 1070 9 October 0506 EDT "Traffic and weather on the fives," with multiple KNX mentions and Southern California geographical references.
IRAN (presumed) 1071 6 October 2208 Talk in what sounds like Farsi, with Middle Eastern music mixing in. Many stations here could be candidates.
Scotland (Inverness) 1107 8 October 2054 Moray Firth Radio, with traditional Scottish music, with ad for the Castle Restaurant in the "heart of Inverness," and then announcer signing off his program until next Thursday. Then multiple "synchros" time pips underneath and the clear ID "Radio Nacional d'Espana" from Spain.
Unidentified, (possibly Australia!?) 1116 6 October 1050 Sounds very English, with weak modulation and talk by man, in for several minutes well after local daylight in Priest Pond. Fades up almost to readability about 2:20 in to the clip, and then makes another peak at 4:50 of the recording, which corresponds to 1054 UTC. All of Australia was in darkness at that hour. Could it be? I have emailed the file to two stations in Australia to see if they can assist. Walt Salmaniw has listened to it and writes, "I'd say this is likely 4BC in Brisbane which is well heard during DU openings on the WCNA."
CKWX Vancouver 1130 7 October 0458 EDT Clip of CKWX over/under WBBR New York. Vancouver announcer is talking about the Canadian dollar "the loonie" and other business news.
CKWX Vancouver with WBBR New York 1130 9 October 0516 EDT The clip starts with CKWX dominant over WBBR, but New York eventually fades up, with CKWX clearly audible underneath with sports and a Rogers Mobile Internet commercial.
IRAN - IRIB 1 1161 7 October 0246 Running programming parallel to their transmitter on 1080, man singing.
IRAN (Teheran) 1188 8 October 2230 Radio Payam, with news jingle at the half hour, and man reading news in (presumed) Farsi, with mentions of Teheran.
China (Yanbian) 1206 7 October 0934 Frequency was actually 1205.97 or thereabouts. Chuck Hutton listened to this clip and emailed me as follows: "the frequency roughly matches China's big Korean Service transmitter. I have good recordings of it from Oct 3 and 4 so can check the frequency exactly. The language is surely not Chinese but there's just not enough for me to say it is Korean." Thanks Chuck! Walt Salminiw from Victoria writes, "there's no one else on this frequency on 1205.98 or .97 except Yanbian RGD in KK usually heard on the west coast with excellent levels."
UK - Absolute Radio, plus unidentified station 1215 6 October 2239 Alanis Morrisette with "Thank You" on Absolute Radio, with African-type tribal vocal music over and under, and eventually a woman announcer describing the music clips in English, but not clear enough for ID.
Kaliningrad 1215 6 October 2258 Out of song, and then full "Voice of Russia World Service" ID by woman in English leading up to 2300 UTC, giving complete schedule and list of frequencies. Within seconds, Absolute Radio climbs back up and hammers VoR.
Germany (Neumunster) 1269 8 October 2343 Male announcer in German, with jazz music.
Israel ( Ramle) 1287 8 October 2209 Galei Zahal, with woman and man talking in Hebrew, ID confirmed as broadcast was identical to known parallel on 6973 KHz. Clip ends of "Groovin" by the Young Rascals. Mark Connelly heard this station at exactly the same time from his location in Granite Pier, Massachusetts.
CHMB Vancouver 1320 9 October 0630 EDT Happy birthday, followed by "China Radio International" ID and then news in (presumed) Mandarin at the bottom of the hour.
Germany (Leben) 1323 6 October 2054 Voice of Russia, in French, with mentions of the Moscow Opera.
IRAN with possible Romania 1332 6 October 2159 Time pips to the top of the hour, followed by news broadcast. Two stations mixing.
Northern Ireland 1341 6 October 2142 BBC Radio Ulster, featuring an interview with Eilidh Patterson about her upcoming appearance at the "Black Box" in Belfast on Thursday 8 October 2009. This clip is over 5 minutes long because the song was so wonderful. She sang her own composition, "Falling Hard and Fast." BBC Radio Ulster ID @ 5:53 into the edited clip.
Manx Radio, Foxdale (UK, 20 KW) 1368 6 October 2117 Commercials, and then "Manx Radio" choral ID 1:40 into the clip @ 2118:45.
IRIB 1 (Iran) and R. Sawa (Djibouti) 1431 6 October 1959 Still with plenty of daylight before sunset in PEI, with presumed IRIB 1 in Isfahan in Farsi, to top of the hour time pips, with presumed Radio Sawa from Djibouti fading in at the top of the hour.
Luxembourg RTL Radio 1440 6 October 2016 China Radio International broadcasting in French
Sunrise Radio (UK) in Punjabi + unidentified 1458 6 October 2020 Sunrise Radio, Brookmans Park (UK) with Punjabi mention and jingle ID at 2:45, plus possible Romania over/under.
Sunrise Radio, Brookmans Park (UK) 1458 8 October 2031 Female in South Asian style vocal performance.
BBC Merseyside (UK, 1.2 KW) 1485 6 October 2027 Soccer play by play clips, with time pips at the half hour, and low-powered Spanish stations in the background, including ID from SER Radio Santander. Merseyside eventually IDed (after recording stopped) at 2040Z.
Greece, ERA Rhodes 1494 6 October 2043 Starting with a strange trumpet cover of "Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve, and then into traditional music. Parellel to 1512 ERA Chania
France Bleu, Corsa with France Info 1494 6 October 2056 France Bleu and France Info mixing it up, both with talk in French just before the top of t5he hour.
United Arab Emirates 1539 8 October 2205 Woman and man in Urdu, with several mentions of "Radio Ap Ki Dunyaa." Walt Salmaniw in Victoria also reproted hearing "VOA" in the clip also, which is the operator of Ap Ki Danyaa.
France Info, Fontbonne, France 1557 8 October 2039 Male announcer giving the weather for various locations in France, such as Paris, Lyon, etc.
UK (Guildford) plus unidentified 1566 8 October 2157 Most of this clip is a woman singing in a Middle-Eastern or even South Asian-type pop song, and then County Sound fades up in the latter part of the clip.
Unconfirmed, likely India 1566 8 October 2254 Woman singing by herself, with NW USA nulled using small tabletop loop antenna. Signal weak, but I wonder if this could have been India? Chuck Hutton writes "both clips sound like India to me."
Unconfirmed, likely India 1566 8 October 2301 A few minutes after the recording above. Music with vocals weak in the background, on tabletop loop.
Italy (RAI) and Kuwait (Radio Farda) 1575 6 October 1940 RAI on 1575 with man and woman talking, and then Radio Farda from Kuwait in Farsi rises up.
Italy (RAI) and Kuwait (Radio Farda) 1575 6 October 2037 Italian talk/radio play, with rising talk if Farsi by woman, presumed UAE as it is shown in EMWG as "24h in Persian."
Radio Farda (presumed), Al Dhabiya, UAE 1575 8 October 2041 Sounds like man in Farsi (Persian) beamed on the regular schedule to Iran.
KSMH, Auburn California 1620 9 October 0639 EDT EWTN programming, with "Hail Marys."
Sweden 1710 8 October 2307 Marine weather by male reader in Nordic-accented English, then switches to what I presume is Swedish.
Unidentified (Greece?) 1720 6 October 2104 Unknown station, with man and woman singing, with pluck-string music and sounding quite Middle Eastern. Switched from SSB to AM during clip, and sound improved. Brief dead air following song and then a more traditional Mediterranean sounding instrumental. Greek pirate stations are known to hang out here.

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