Priest Pond 2009

The 2009 DX-pedition to Priest pond continued a long tradition of Atlantic Canada DXing efforts.

The first trip to the area was in 2008, when Niel Wolfish, Geoff Rivett, Chris Black, Phil Rafuse and I set ourselves up at North Shore Deluxe Cottages.

I scouted out the whole northeast coast of PEI earlier in the summer of 2008 from the ground and the air, looking for a site that was right on the water, with no "trespass" third party traffic likely between the antennas and the beach, with low probability of man-made electrical noise.

This represented an improvement over the former DX-pedition site of Miscou Island (NB), at which the cottage location was separated from a public beach by a high grassy dune. At Miscou we were plagued by four-wheeler ATVs and other users getting into our "antenna space."

Priest Pond is ideal for radio reception; particularly from the 180-degree swath of coastline extending from due west to due east. European and Middle Eastern signals arrive - especially in the final hundreds of KM - over salt water.

As you can see from the map above, it's a pretty clear shot over water in many of the most desired directions.

This is an advantage over Miscou, which had land nearby (Gaspé) in the direction of Asia in particular. We were also on the western side of the Island, so the last few miles of Eurasian DX arrived over land.

Miscou, in use annually from October 2001 to October 2007, provided many hours of good listening and fellowship. Niel Wolfish has been the constant chracter in all of those expeditions, with Ken Alexander, Jacques D'Avignon, Kevin Carey, Roger Roussel, Geoff Rivett and me spending time there over the years.

Miscou was a good location, and Priest Pond is far superior. With other East Coast DX locations like Cappahayden (Newfoundland), Cape Cod (MA), and Camden (ME), Priest Pond emerges as prime DX real estate, due partly to the ease of access by car from the rest of North America. It is within a day's drive from New England, and only an hour from Charlottetown Airport with direct links to New York, Boston, Detroit, Halifax, Montreal and Toronto.

You can access the audio files and photos from our Priest Pond 2009 DX-pedition through the links below.

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