Stratford DX Audio Files

Below I have stored MP3 files from catches made here at my home in Stratford PEI.

The audio files below were all recorded using either an Icom R-75, modified by Kiwa Electronics in the US, or a stock Sony ICF-2010. The antenna used was a 60x20 super loop, with variable termination, fed into a 16:1 AY Solutions balun.

I invite you to right-click on any of the links in the left hand column below, and choose "save link as" or "save target as" to store the files on your computer. The ID3 tags of these MP3 files have been fully stocked with all of the logging information relevant to each catch.

Station Frequency
Time (UTC unless otherwise noted) Comments
JOUB, Akita Japan 774 13 November 1028 Man in Japanese introducing the next segment of an English lesson,
China or Japan? 918 13 November 1112 Sounds like woman in Chinese to me, but I read that Japan is reported here also. Maybe someone can identify the language for me.
HLCA South Korea 972 13 November 1017 This clip is 6:25 long, and consists of the ending of a pop song, and then a conversation between female and male announcers. Huge signal.
HLCA South Korea 972 13 November 1048:40 More from our 972 Korean pop music station. This clip starts at 1048:40 UTC, with the end of a Celine Dion-type pop song, and then commentary by male and female announcers.
CNR1 China 981 13 November 1028 Woman and man alternating talk in what sounded like news reading in a Chinese dialect.
CNR1 China 981 13 November 1117 Almost an hour after the recording above, the station is still in well after daylight, with woman and man talking, a possible commercial or promo, and a music jingle that may be familiar to some.
4BC, Brisbane Australia(?) 1116 13 November 1113 Woman first, and then man talking. Certainly sounds like English inflection. Will be checking with 4BC producers to see if I can get the station to send me the audio from that time slot for comparison.
CNR Yangbian China 1206 13 November 1036 Presumed with their Korean service, woman talking, and musical interlude at 1038Z, 2:05 into this clip, followed by solo female vocal music. You can hear me adjusting the ECSS tuning during the clip.
JOIF, Fukuoka Japan 1413 13 November 1033 Man talking in what clearly sounds like Japanese, with musical interlude at 1036 UTC.
China (PRC) or Taiwan (RoC)? 1557 13 November 1031 Man talking in quite obvious Chinese dialect. Not sure if this is Taiwan WYFR or mainland China. Help!

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